What Is Qshop Scan-Go System?

Qshop is providing online shopping application in UAE. Being the largest online supermarket in Dubai, Qshop is offering a Scan-Go system. This technology allows consumers to scan items before putting them in the cart, making a faster buying experience. Do you hate going through all products just to get a bottle of juice? Grab your empty bottle; scan the barcode and you will be able to purchase your favorite juice bottle within few seconds.

Scan & Shop with Qshop

Scan-Go system is an extension in Qshop mobile application. This lets customers scan items on their phone from anywhere. This is the best hi-tech technology ever embed in an online superstore. Keeping customer satisfaction in mind, Qshop introduced Scan-Go option. If you’re a millennial who prefers technology, you’ll reasonably use Scan-Go. If you don’t mind positioning and having somebody else support you to bag your groceries, this extension is for you. Scan-Go is the easier way to shop, pack, and pay. You can track your spending while checking out. The plus point is no more hassle unloading at the checkouts. Simply scan your product you want to buy through your mobile from anywhere. This is the fastest Checkout system in the online shopping area.

The mobile scan and go technology is emerging technology. This option is hassle-free and time-saving for the customers. It is a win-win situation with customer interaction. Qshop is offering them alternative products because they suit their lifestyle and busy schedules. This latest emerging feature lets homeowners constantly compile up a list of products they need over the course of a week or half-month. Simply through your previous used products, you can buy your new required product. This extension will help you in the longer run, with just a few tappings and scanning you can buy and order your products.

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